Download Gionee Xender For PC, Windows 10 and Mac

Gionee Xender Download : If you are among those guys who need to transfer large files every day from one device to another, the application Xender is completely made for you, and if you own Gionee smartphone, then this particular version of Xender and this tutorial is better just made to suit your device and other devices from the manufacturer.

Xender is the ultimate file sharing application which uses Wi-Fi direct technologies in order to transfer large files at an amazing speed. But you are not limited to that only. Xender also allows you to transfer large files with your computer which means that you will no longer need a USB cable in order to transfer big files. All you need to do is make sure that your Gionee device and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If not, you can always turn on the hotspot mode which we will demonstrate later in this tutorial.

Xander is compatible with every major operating system out there like Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS for mobile and Windows, Mac OS X and Linux for computers. The later is made possible by the use of a web client instead of using dedicated software for computers. It also means that Xender is compatible with any computer running any operating systems what so ever.

How to download Xender for your Gionee Smartphone?

In order to download Xender Apk for your Gionee Smartphone, follow the steps given below :

  1. Click here to get redirected to the Xender official website.
  2. Click on the button in “Green” color in the center.
  3. An APK will start getting downloaded.
  4. Open the settings application on your Gionee smartphone.
  5. Go to Security and turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  6.  Click on the APK file that you just downloaded.
  7.  Click on “Next” and click on “Install”
  8. The application will get installed. Now share the application and enjoy with your friends.

To Transfer Across Mobile Devices

In order to connect any device running the same operating system, tap on “+” and click on create a group on one device and join to the group you just created from another device by tapping “Join Group”.

If you want to transfer files to a device running a different operating system, select the respective operating system after you tap on the “+” icon. Mobile Operating Systems supported, till now, are Windows Phone and iOS other than Android, but you get limited features in the case of iOS.

To Transfer Files with your Computer

If you want to transfer files between your computer, simply tap on “+” icon and then “Connect PC”. If your phone and your computer are on the same network, simply open
 or enter the IP address shown on the application and type it in the URL bar. If you head over to, you need to scan the QR code to get access. If you use the alternative way, simply click on “Accept” on your phone, when it asks for permission. Now you will get access to the Web Client from where you can send and receive files.